Junior Section


Since its formation in 1972, the Junior Section of the NMC has acquired an almost mythical reputation for consistently producing world-class professional, semi-professional and amateur magicians. Originally the brain-child of Founder President Frank Richmond, there had been the first signs of "junior" magicians in the mid to late 1960s, but no formal organisation was put in place.

In 1974, the development of Junior magicians was in the capable hands of Cynthia Neptune, who later became Secretary and also president of the Northern Magic Circle. Initially, only the young magicians in the Newcastle area were able to benefit from regular meetings but, in the mid 1980s, Cynthia began organising "Yorkshire" meetings for those who lived primarily around the York; Leeds and Bradford areas of the Country. 

Ages range from 11 years to 16, at which time the Junior members can continue as a Senior and hopefully pass on their knowledge to the next generation of young performers. Even if people are not quite old enough to join the NMC, they are often encouraged to attend meetings and even take part in some of the shows that the juniors perform.

To celebrate the 25th, Silver Jubilee, Anniversary in 1997 everyone who had been, or still was, a Junior of the NMC was contacted and invited to attend a special Celebration at Newcastle upon Tyne. Although the numbers were disappointing, most of those contacted did send messages of goodwill and explained what they had been achieving since their membership of the NMC. Many, inevitably, were living and working far afield and many had lost interest in performing magic. Very few, however, had lost their interest in magic and the skills that the Junior Section had taught them.

The NMC strives to encourage young magicians to produce the best they are capable of. Many of the winners of The Magic Circle Young Magician of the Year have begun with the NMC and many winners of the IBM British Ring Stage Competitions also started their careers with us.

The organisation of Junior Section is currently undergoing a significant redevelopment; more details of the exciting changes will be published here soon.