NMC Officers & Members of Council


The Council of the N.M.C. is made up of the following people:

Chairman of Council: Clive Moore, Derbys.
President NMC: Stuart Clarkson, Heref.
President-Elect NMC: Roy Field, Yorks.
Past President: Rick Tynan, Merseyside
Secretary: Brian Lead, Lancs.
Treasurer: Joan Woolhouse, Yorks.
Northern Lights Editor: Bill Temple, Northd.
Press & Publicity Officer: Kirstie Russell,
Communications officer: John Russell, Northd.
Welfare Officer: Clive Moore, Derbys.
Returning Officer: Roger Woods, Lancs.
Webmaster: Sheriton Swan, Leics.

Members of Council:

Terry Crawford, Cumbria
Jean Ellison, Derbys.
Paul Guy, Lancs.


Benevolent Fund Trustees:
Alan Driffield; John Pye; Joan Woolhouse.