NMC Officers & Members of Council


The Council of the N.M.C. is made up of the following people:

Chairman of Council: Clive Moore, Derbys.
President NMC: Stuart Clarkson, Heref.
President-Elect NMC: Roy Field, Yorks.
Past President: Rick Tynan, Merseyside
Secretary: Brian Lead, Lancs.
Treasurer: Joan Woolhouse, Yorks.
Northern Lights Editor: Bill Temple, Northd.
Press & Publicity Officer: Kirstie Russell,
Communications officer: John Russell, Northd.
Welfare Officer: Clive Moore, Derbys.
Returning Officer: Roger Woods, Lancs.
Webmaster: Sheriton Swan, Leics.

Presidents of the Northern Magic Circle


Stuart Clarkson:      2018 - 2019
Rick Tynan:             2017 - 2018
Robert Temple:       2016 - 2017
Danny Hunt:           2015 - 2016
John Russell:          2014 - 2015
Roger Woods:         2013 - 2014
Stephen Bellerby:    2012 - 2013
Terry Crawford:       2011 - 2012

Junior Section


Since its formation in 1972, the Junior Section of the NMC has acquired an almost mythical reputation for consistently producing world-class professional, semi-professional and amateur magicians. Originally the brain-child of Founder President Frank Richmond, there had been the first signs of "junior" magicians in the mid to late 1960s, but no formal organisation was put in place.

History of the NMC


The Northern Magic Circle was formed on the 15th April 1956 when seven interested people met, by mutual consent, at the Scotch Corner Hotel near Catterick, in Yorkshire, U.K. and discussed the need, or otherwise, of a magical society. After lengthy discussion it was felt that such a need did exist and so the Northern Magic Circle was born.

NMC Convention - History


The Northern Magic Circle was formed in 1956 and in April 1957, held its first Easter Parade Convention in Newcastle upon Tyne. Such was the success of this Convention that the N.M.C. has held a similar event every year since.

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